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Movement creates HOPE! Let’s talk myokines aka ‘hope molecules’!

❔Did you know your body can help your brain feel more hopeful through movement?
“Every time we move our muscles, we are giving ourselves an intravenous dose of hope.”— Kelly McGonigal, PhD

💥 Let’s talk The Power of Hope Molecules 💥 Swipe 👉🏻 to learn.

Exercise & movement are about much more than weight loss.

People who are active are:
-Happier & have more life satisfaction
-At a lower risk for things like depression & loneliness
-Better able to cope with stress & anxiety
-Feel more of a sense of purpose & social connection

Among its many life-altering rewards: the generation of hope, happiness, a sense of purpose, greater life satisfaction and rewarding connections with others, are benefits of exercise that go under appreciated.

Emerging research suggests that when exercised, your muscles become “basically a pharmacy for your physical and mental health.”

If you are willing to move, your muscles will give you hope. Your brain will orchestrate pleasure. And your entire physiology will adjust to help you find the energy, purpose and courage you need to keep going.

Recreating the relationship that we may have with exercise and why we do it is one of the most important aspects of shifting from disordered and restrictive-driven behaviors & cultivating a happy and lasting lifestyle that is pleasant to keep up 🤍

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Psychosomatic Medicine 62:633–638 (2000
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Dr. Kelly McGonigal

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Your thoughts and beliefs directly impact your body! Let’s talk mind over milkshakes:

🧠 Mind over Milkshake🍨

It may sound woo-woo to say that your thoughts & beliefs can impact your body.

In this study we see that:

•The way food is labeled— “indulgent, decadent, and rich” or “healthy, nutritious, and fat- free”—strongly influences our beliefs/thoughts And those mental cues can even prime the body to metabolize a meal differently.

•If our thoughts & beliefs about the food we are consuming can impact our digestion- what else is impacted by negative self-talk or limited self beliefs?

•The usual metabolic model — calories in and calories out — may need some rethinking, because it doesn’t account for how our beliefs about our food may impact our physiology.

I found this study so fascinating 🧐 and would love to hear your thoughts below 👇🏻

PMID: 21574706

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Challenging the ALL or NOTHING self-talk:

🗣 ALL or NOTHING Self-talk

This type of thinking is between two extremes: you are either a success or a failure. If you’re not perfect, then you’re a disaster.

This mindset is too strict, which leaves no leeway for mishaps which are inevitable.

In a previous post, we dove into common types of negative self-talk: The worrier, the critic, the perfectionist, the victim and how we interpret external events and our self-talk directly afterwards greatly influence our feelings and reactions.

The two most effective ways to deal with negative self-talk is to question it & counter it with neural/positive supportive statements. You can weaken the hold of your negative self-statements by exposing them to any of the following Socratic questions or rational investigation. Countering involves writing down & rehearsing positive statements that directly refute or invalidate your negative self-talk.

I wanted to provide some of examples & work throughs that may be helpful in developing the habit of re-framing and countering negative self-talk.

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What is self-talk? and WHY is it so important?

🗣 Self-talk 🗣
On average, we have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person.

“I am not worthy, I’m not lean enough, I’ll never be able to do ____” or maybe it’s the voice of someone else “you’re too chubby, you’re too skinny, you don’t deserve this…” etc

Self-talk is that voice in your head that operates from auto pilot. You’re evaluating, judging and affirming things that you’ve been reinforced throughout your life. What you’re communicating to yourself about your life is what you’re reinforcing all day long.

Which of the negative self-talk sub personalities is the strongest for you? I’d appreciate hearing from y’all 👇🏻
For me, I have a bit of all four 😂😭 mostly the critic though.

💡 A large focus on my coaching process is working with clients to counter their negative self-talk, learn how to reframe their thinking & improve overall outlook on life ❤️

Your self-talk is like a movie soundtrack & you’re narrating all the nuances and happenings in your life— make it positive to see and feel the shift ✨

Source: The anxiety and phobia workbook by Edmund J Bourne, PHD

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Reasons to move your body, that aren’t weight or appearance focused!

Intention is 🔑 👇🏻

🧠 Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carry out an action or actions. Intention involves mental activities such as planning (If this happens, then I’ll do that) and forethought (Reflective to reflexive).

Have you ever thought about WHY you are engaging in your fitness & nutrition routine?

One of the main drivers behind WHY I used to exercise was to “change my body.” I spent years dieting and exercising to change my body and make her look a certain way. To be accepted. To be seen as worthy. These past few years, I’ve done some deep soul digging, therapy, and LOTS of unlearning and relearning. In this process, I found the Body Neutrality movement which promotes accepting and appreciating your body for what it can do for you, rather than for how it looks.

Instead of aesthetics being the main intention, the focus is more on how you want to FEEL and cultivating a positive body image through developing body appreciation.

Exercise is not meant to be a punishment. If your body needs a rest day, then give it a rest day. I work closely with my clients to build their programming with activities that they enjoy. More recreation, more walks, more FUN!

If your focus is to
•Improve confidence 🦸‍♀️
•Increase strength & performance 💪🏻
•Boost mood 😆
•Stress relief 😮‍💨
•Improve sleep 💤
•Boost energy ⚡️

You’re more likely to develop a positive body image through developing body appreciation. And have more FUN 🤩 in the process!

Exercise and movement are not meant to feel like a complete chore or punishment!

There are many reasons to move your body besides wanting to change the way you look. 💗

I work closely with clients to build their fitness programming with activities that they enjoy. We work to create a healthy relationship with exercise that is flexible and fulfilling. Not punishment or deprivation.

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PSA: Coffee is NOT breakfast!

⚠️ ☕️ is NOT a meal⚠️

Most clients come to me undernourished and stressed AF. They are often skipping breakfast, and/or working through lunch, and then find themselves eating uncontrollably at night.

Waking up without an appetite is not a good thing 🙅🏻‍♀️ & drinking ☕️ on an empty stomach can cause blood sugar spikes, trigger acid reflux, increase feelings of anxiety and suppress appetite even further.

☝🏼One of the first habits to work on: eating within 30-60 min of waking by having coffee with or AFTER their meals.

This simple habit is GAME changing for energy and mood stabilization!

🏷 a friend who loves ☕️ and needs this info 🤎

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Holistic ways to support your body when feeling sick

HYDRATION with Electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride, phosphate

Glucose/Carbs-acts as a transporter to help get electrolytes into the cells- sources: Sourdough bread, boiled potatoes, fruit, dairy.

Beef Liver- Organ meats, liver, heart, etc Organ meats contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals in an easily absorbable form! It’s the best whole food multivitamin you can eat/take! Brands: freeze dried beef liver from @getsmidge or the desiccated beef liver from @perfectsupplements 

Whole food Vitamin —necessary for adrenal and immune health, as well as copper utilization/regulation. Citrus fruit, broccoli sprouts, potatoes, papaya and whole food vitamin powder. NOT THE SAME AS ASCORBIC ACID!

Oysters/Oyster Extract- rich in Zinc and selenium are certainly key features of thyroid, & immune support.

Honey & Propolis- Research shows propolis has many healing properties, including antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor qualities. Check out @beekeepers_naturals throat spray at the first sign of illness or the B. Powered Superfood honey.

Protein-Your body needs protein to help build and repair muscle, skin, and other body tissues, including the cells of immune system rely on protein! In particular, the amino acid glutamine: foods rich in this eggs, dairy, whey, radish greens and cilantro.

Magnesium- We don’t really think of magnesium when we are sick, but magnesium is the stress mineral. When we aren’t feeling well that is a stress on the body and down goes mag. Added topical magnesium is really helpful.
Ancient minerals magnesium oil or lotion from @perfectsupplements 

Red light- numerous immune system benefits but some more notable are the promotion of ATP production, stimulates angiogenesis and the lymphatic system, increases melatonin which is an important antioxidant, activates stem cells and supports the adrenals. Brands: @blubloxofficial & @lifebludco 

Hot Bath or Sauna-
Heat can be incredibly healing when we are under the weather because it raises the body temp to create an “artificial” fever. Remember, fevers are good!

Medicinal Mushrooms- Lions Mane & Turkey Tail Mushrooms both support immune system, anti-inflammatory properties

Rest and Re-evaluation- Sickness is often the result of STRESS. Take the necessary time when you are sick to rest and cut back in the areas of your life that aren’t serving you. More than anything, stress has the biggest impact on the immune system!

Loss of Smell/Taste & Thyroid PART 2

In this post I wanted to dive into three of the many factors that can negatively impact the thyroid function. Stress, Trauma, and endocrine disrupting chemicals. You likely will never hear this from your doctors – but physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual trauma and distress play a huge role in the development of autoimmune diseases, autoimmune conditions, and can even be a factor in causing infertility and other hormone disorders.

As a result of prolonged distress, our cells become prone to excessive inflammatory signaling. (More on this in Part 3) The body draws heavily on the storage of minerals and vitamins in our bodies and quickly depletes them. If we are already lacking crucial nutrients & continue to live in stress, the body will produce hormones of stress to survive, while the body neglects its innate need to regulate hormone production necessary for ALL functions of our existence – thyroid regulation, reproductive hormone regulation.

SEE slide 8&9 for tips!

For make up and skin care products:
Take care with products that claim they are “pure,” “organic,” or “natural,” as there is no legal backup for these claims, and it does not automatically make them safer.
Use products that have an organic certification or a certification with a recognized organization that promotes nontoxic products.
Check out EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database for more information on how to identify good brands to use!

For water filters and more info on water check out @jenisabelfriend & her @waterislife.shop

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Loss of Smell/Taste & Thyroid Function PART 1

Most individuals think that the immune system is a separate from thyroid function, but this is not the case.

Body temperature has been shown to correlate with mortality in C-19 patients. Low basal temperature possibly indicates less thyroid immunity and reduce functionality to deal with a threat.

🤔Could this be why some of us have lost smell/taste for extended periods of time? And/or developed Paromsia?

I firmly believe that in supporting thyroid & adrenal health, increasing Whole Foods like oysters 🦪 that are rich in Zinc & selenium are crucial aspects to bringing healing.

Long periods without eating, chronic stress, Birth control all impact thyroid function. & Low thyroid hormone can also impact neurotransmitters, & cause low dopamine levels leading to a loss of motivation and willpower, compounding with other issues, such as elevated cholesterol, triglycerides and gallstones. Low thyroid hormone leads to poor digestive function, including low digestive enzymes and constipation. More of this will be covered in part II post!

Sources: Keith Littlewood BSc, PgDip, MSc Endocrinology – check out his page @tommolittlewood



What you THINK will fix your body image VS what ACTUALLY fixes body image

Weight loss does not equal a better body image, or more happiness. Before you think going on a diet is the answer….👇🏻👇🏻

In recent studies, body appreciation & gratitude towards the body have been the central organizing variables within how to cultivate positive body image.

🤗Body appreciation has been defined as accepting, holding favorable opinions towards, and respecting the body, while also rejecting media, promoted appearance ideals as the only form of human beauty. (Avalon et al., 2005)

For me, I spent decades dieting and exercising to change my body and make her look a certain way. To be accepted. To be seen as worthy. These last two years I’ve done some deep soul digging to rebuild my identity around fitness to be coming from a place of excitement and joy. ✨✨

Body Neutral Fitness which is shifting the intention behind WHY you workout. 💪🏻 🏋🏻‍♀️

Instead of aesthetics being the main intention, the focus is more on how you want to FEEL, how you want to LIVE and optimizing your lifestyle to get there. Through this we are also cultivating a more positive body image through developing body appreciation.

To be clear-What we do together is not just a diet plan, or a cookie-cutter workout program.

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