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Supplements you may want to reconsider:

Let’s talk about SUPPLEMENTS and which ones may be causing more harm than good— this is something I’ve learned A LOT about in the last few years!

The point of this post is NOT to demonize or cast any judgement for taking them. (Hello, I have too!!) but to make you think, and create informed decisions about how and why you would use certain supplements.

As always, challenge the status quo. 💊

Mother nature knows what she’s doing. When we try to outsmart nature by isolating nutrient compounds for convenience, we’re losing out on the health-boosting rewards that REAL foods have to offer.


If you don’t agree, that’s okay! You do you, boo! But please don’t @ me in the comments. As ALWAYS, this is NOT medical advice. Please consult with your dietitian before stopping or using any supplement.

Information sourced from: Morely Robbin’s book: Cu-RE your fatigue and @Kasey.goins@wildlyonswellness@meg_langston@hormonehealingRD@the_nutrition_statistcian please give them a follow & you’ll learn a TON!

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Holistic ways to support your body when feeling sick

HYDRATION with Electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride, phosphate

Glucose/Carbs-acts as a transporter to help get electrolytes into the cells- sources: Sourdough bread, boiled potatoes, fruit, dairy.

Beef Liver- Organ meats, liver, heart, etc Organ meats contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals in an easily absorbable form! It’s the best whole food multivitamin you can eat/take! Brands: freeze dried beef liver from @getsmidge or the desiccated beef liver from @perfectsupplements 

Whole food Vitamin —necessary for adrenal and immune health, as well as copper utilization/regulation. Citrus fruit, broccoli sprouts, potatoes, papaya and whole food vitamin powder. NOT THE SAME AS ASCORBIC ACID!

Oysters/Oyster Extract- rich in Zinc and selenium are certainly key features of thyroid, & immune support.

Honey & Propolis- Research shows propolis has many healing properties, including antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor qualities. Check out @beekeepers_naturals throat spray at the first sign of illness or the B. Powered Superfood honey.

Protein-Your body needs protein to help build and repair muscle, skin, and other body tissues, including the cells of immune system rely on protein! In particular, the amino acid glutamine: foods rich in this eggs, dairy, whey, radish greens and cilantro.

Magnesium- We don’t really think of magnesium when we are sick, but magnesium is the stress mineral. When we aren’t feeling well that is a stress on the body and down goes mag. Added topical magnesium is really helpful.
Ancient minerals magnesium oil or lotion from @perfectsupplements 

Red light- numerous immune system benefits but some more notable are the promotion of ATP production, stimulates angiogenesis and the lymphatic system, increases melatonin which is an important antioxidant, activates stem cells and supports the adrenals. Brands: @blubloxofficial & @lifebludco 

Hot Bath or Sauna-
Heat can be incredibly healing when we are under the weather because it raises the body temp to create an “artificial” fever. Remember, fevers are good!

Medicinal Mushrooms- Lions Mane & Turkey Tail Mushrooms both support immune system, anti-inflammatory properties

Rest and Re-evaluation- Sickness is often the result of STRESS. Take the necessary time when you are sick to rest and cut back in the areas of your life that aren’t serving you. More than anything, stress has the biggest impact on the immune system!

Supplements to be cautious with

How many times have you been told take these supplements? A multi or prenatal? Maybe you were told to consume foods enriched with vitamins A + D?

Or perhaps you were “influenced” by some random person to take said supplements promising to boost immunity, heal acne, or aid in weight loss.

I know girl, i’ve been there.

I get it. These nutrients are important but ONLY if they are in balance with one another.

Supplementing in isolation, in abundance, in the incorrect ratios will create an imbalanced mineral shit storm in your body.

Cough, cough, multivitamins + prenatals.

Minerals are a game of cofactors, they all work in relation to one another + need cofactors to be utilized. If one is deficient another will accumulate. This is our bodies defense mechanism.


Zinc antagonizes copper as they compete for binding sites. If you are deficient in copper, iron accumulates.

Iron depletes vitamin E and we got enough of it floating around in our tissues, see previous posts.

Copper dysregulation is one of the most common things I see in my practice when hormone struggles are present.

Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene is not only hard to convert to retinol but it has an intimate relationship to vitamin D.

Calcium in excess to magnesium causes calcium to precipitate out of solution + contributes to calcium deposits, as well as magnesium deficiency.

Vitamin D in isolation causes issues with calcium metabolism (calcification), increases magnesium burn rate, decreases potassium, A + copper.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a derivative of vitamin C. This form depletes copper.

Multivitamins are never in the correct ratios, not nearly as bioavailable + typically synthetic.

Nature knows best + provides food in the perfect package with all the cofactors to support each nutrient, especially with the consumption of animal sourced foods. Bioavailability is 10 fold to supplements.

Foods to focus on: grass-fed meats + dairy, shellfish, eggs, roots, + fruits.

You want to be a nutrient-dense bitch, ditch the enriched. 💁🏻‍♀️👸🏻

For real tho, ditch the enriched foods, synthetic multi’s, + vitamins in isolation + work on getting your nutrients from food.

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