Challenging the ALL or NOTHING self-talk:

🗣 ALL or NOTHING Self-talk

This type of thinking is between two extremes: you are either a success or a failure. If you’re not perfect, then you’re a disaster.

This mindset is too strict, which leaves no leeway for mishaps which are inevitable.

In a previous post, we dove into common types of negative self-talk: The worrier, the critic, the perfectionist, the victim and how we interpret external events and our self-talk directly afterwards greatly influence our feelings and reactions.

The two most effective ways to deal with negative self-talk is to question it & counter it with neural/positive supportive statements. You can weaken the hold of your negative self-statements by exposing them to any of the following Socratic questions or rational investigation. Countering involves writing down & rehearsing positive statements that directly refute or invalidate your negative self-talk.

I wanted to provide some of examples & work throughs that may be helpful in developing the habit of re-framing and countering negative self-talk.

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