Reasons to move your body, that aren’t weight or appearance focused!

Intention is 🔑 👇🏻

🧠 Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carry out an action or actions. Intention involves mental activities such as planning (If this happens, then I’ll do that) and forethought (Reflective to reflexive).

Have you ever thought about WHY you are engaging in your fitness & nutrition routine?

One of the main drivers behind WHY I used to exercise was to “change my body.” I spent years dieting and exercising to change my body and make her look a certain way. To be accepted. To be seen as worthy. These past few years, I’ve done some deep soul digging, therapy, and LOTS of unlearning and relearning. In this process, I found the Body Neutrality movement which promotes accepting and appreciating your body for what it can do for you, rather than for how it looks.

Instead of aesthetics being the main intention, the focus is more on how you want to FEEL and cultivating a positive body image through developing body appreciation.

Exercise is not meant to be a punishment. If your body needs a rest day, then give it a rest day. I work closely with my clients to build their programming with activities that they enjoy. More recreation, more walks, more FUN!

If your focus is to
•Improve confidence 🦸‍♀️
•Increase strength & performance 💪🏻
•Boost mood 😆
•Stress relief 😮‍💨
•Improve sleep 💤
•Boost energy ⚡️

You’re more likely to develop a positive body image through developing body appreciation. And have more FUN 🤩 in the process!

Exercise and movement are not meant to feel like a complete chore or punishment!

There are many reasons to move your body besides wanting to change the way you look. 💗

I work closely with clients to build their fitness programming with activities that they enjoy. We work to create a healthy relationship with exercise that is flexible and fulfilling. Not punishment or deprivation.

Looking for more support navigating your cycle with fitness & nutrition? Check out my pro-metabolic strength training guide! Check “programs” highlight reel to learn more!

✌🏼Link to apply for coaching 💗


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