Collagen/Gelatin-What’s the difference? What’s the benefit?

💡 Gelatin is a natural form of hydrolyzed collagen, which means it’s essentially a part of collagen that has been broken down into smaller units. Gelatin is also sometimes referred to as the “cooked form of collagen” because it’s obtained from heating collagen.

💡 While they have similar benefits the uses are very different. Collagen you can add to liquids and smoothies, and gelatin you prepare dishes or gummies with.

🤷🏻‍♀️If I HAD to recommend one over the other, I would say making dishes with gelatin (or gummies) might be more beneficial than adding collagen because of the potential digestive benefits.

Some of the main benefits of gelatin:

👉The major amino acid in gelatin is glycine, which is low in muscle and organ meats. It is anti-inflammatory, hydrophilic (hydrating), pro-thyroid, heals damaged intestinal lining (a.k.a. “leaky gut” and allergies) and improves hydrochloric acid insufficiency (weak stomach acid).
👉This anti-inflammatory amino acid balance helps also to regulate metabolism, maintain lean muscle mass, preserve bone strength and joint mobility and regulate cellular health.
👉Both glycine and proline (another amino acid that gelatin is rich in) are very Liver-protective (aids in Phase 2 Liver detoxification), increasing albumin and halting oxidative damage.
Used as a major source of dietary protein, it’s an easy way to restrict the amino acids associated with premature ageing.
👉Restricting dietary cysteine, while increasing dietary glycine (through a diet that emphasises things like broth, stew and additional gelatin) produces a greater extension of lifespan than achieved in most studies of total caloric restriction.
👉Hormonally, glycine opposes estrogen and favours progesterone sparing (a very good thing).
👉Gelatin balances the inflammatory protein makeup of muscle meat (eg: a gelatinous stew or steak + homemade jelly)
👉Gelatin is a nice change from ‘beefy’-tasting broth: neutral in flavour you can add it to anything: sweet or savoury.
🙌🏼Thank you @kittyblomfield for the list benefits 💞 Go follow her!

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