Trainer tips: ACL tears & Prevention

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‼️It’s a fact that girls have a higher risk of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries than guys.

😱Some studies show that women face up to a 10 times higher risk of ACL injury than men.😱

Among many contributing factors to the increased risk are women’s hip and knee angle, hormone profile, and hamstring weakness. Although it’s impossible to change genetic traits, hamstring strength issues can be addressed.

70% of ACL tears are non-contact injuries so meaning during reactive training the landing and deceleration is when most injuries occur the most.

✔️ BOSU Squats
✔️Single-Leg Glute Bridges are an excellent way to strengthen the glutes, specifically the gluteus medius, which acts to stabilize the knee and prevent it from caving in.

Key Focus: Initiate movement by squeezing the glutes and driving the heel into the ground.

✔️ BOSU Glute Bridge—
Lie on back on ground with arms to sides
Bend knees and plant feet on BOSU Ball
Drive hips to ceiling
Slowly lower to return to starting position

Sets/Reps: 2×10

✔️ Rear-Foot-Elevated Split-Squat
Similar to the Single-Leg Glute Bridge, the Rear-Foot-Elevated Split-Squat forces you to maintain balance on a single foot. In addition to working the glutes, it strengthens the quads to provide stability at the knee and increase the joint’s ability to absorb force.

Key Focus: Keep the front foot flat on the ground and don’t allow the knee to move laterally. Be sure your stance is wide enough to maintain an upright posture.

🙌🏼 To prevent an ACL injury or begin recovery and return to play, make sure to focus on hamstring strength!!

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