How to shift from Low carb/Keto to a metabolically supportive diet

First off, YAY! honoring your physiology and your body! Keep in mind this process will look different for everyone, depending on where you are coming from.

•Were you someone that was performing HIIT workouts fasted and eating 50-100g carbs per day?
•Or someone who just cut out breads and pastas throughout the week and binged on them once and while?
•Or maybe you were eating low carb and not even meaning to! That happens too!!

☝🏼FIRST AND FOREMOST- Adding carbs back in slowly is ideal.
Because your body is experiencing insulin resistance, it will be less tolerant to utilizing glucose and starches in particular may be bothersome.

🧂 Keto and low carb are high stress in nature on the body which means rapid mineral depletion. Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium are all necessary for proper glucose utilization and overall thyroid health.

The TYPE of carbs you eat matter: Start with raw honey, fruit, coconut water, fruit juices, dairy and see how those feel. These require less insulin.
Add carbs at every other meal, and slowly increase until you are having carbs with every meal.

Steady and consistent protein consumption. Ideally coming from the most bioavailable sources (animal products).

Slowly drop your fat intake, and gradually increase your carbs. If your dietary intake shifts to high carb and high fat, this will likely cause weight gain. If you want to go ALL-IN on this process (that’s what I did–just be conscious of that fact)

For example: 1800 calories at 70% fat 140 g per day and 15 % carb at 67.5 g per day.
Start by decreasing fat by 5g and increasing carbs by 10g.
1800 daily calories= 135 g fat and 77.5 g carbs. See how your body feels. Stay there for a week at least. Slowly make adjustments so that eventually fat is more like 20-30% of overall calories and carbs are 40-60% of overall calorie intake.

Experiment and let your body lead you in this process!
IF you want more help in this–link for a consultation call is in BIO!


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