Adrenal Elixir Recipe

The idea of the adrenal cocktail is that it takes stress off the adrenals by balancing blood sugar + replaces vital nutrients that have been lost while under stress.⁠

It can be used as a tool to sip on between meals and should instantly calm you down, make you feel more relaxed and grounded. It can be used as needed, usually 1-3x per day.⁠ Particularly good for those with poor blood-sugar handling, compromised liver function, low thyroid, and prone to hypoglycemia. Prevent a blood-sugar crash (and the damaging adrenalin rush that comes with it) by slowly sipping on this mix between meals, during exercise or as a complete and highly replenishing snack. A balanced mix of protein, carbohydrates, fat, electrolytes and other minerals.

A good adrenal cocktail usually contains the following:⁠

☀️ 8 oz. Pure Juice (O.J)

☀️ 2 tbsp of A saturated fat (cream or kefir)⁠

☀️ A little bit of protein (2 tbsp collagen)⁠

☀️ Pinch of celtic sea salt⁠

☀️ Potassium (OJ)⁠

☀️ Vitamin C (OJ)⁠

If you can’t do collagen, a clean casein powder or goat’s milk whey pairs nicely. Or omit the fat and protein and opt for a piece of parmesan cheese on the side of your salted juice.⁠

If you can’t do dairy, replace the cream for an additive free coconut cream.⁠

If you can’t do OJ, you can use guava juice, mango juice or papaya juice.⁠


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