If you are thinking about food all day, it’s not a willpower issue. It’s a RESTRICTION issue.

One of the questions within my coaching program in the weekly-check in form: “How is your hunger? Are you constantly thinking about food? Do you feel hunger and fullness cues throughout the day? “

I ask this question because: When your body is properly FED, so is your mind.☺️

I will never forget how it felt to restrict myself.

Not just of food…of fun experiences, I will never, get back.

I will never forget HOW STRESSED I would be, if I’d be gone from the house for any length of time and I didn’t have food with me. Most of the time, I’d pack my lunch box and be eating cold chicken and asparagus out of plastic containers no matter where I went.

I’ll never forget, when I was following a strict meal plan, told to eat 6 small meals per day, & having to set a timer for 2.5 hours, to allow myself to eat again. My meals were SO SMALL ~250 calories, I’d be so hungry, I’d have to force myself to wait until it was time to eat again. (this is NOT okay)

I will never forget thinking ‘I can’t wait for that one moment where I can eat a burger…for my re-feed, because I earned it for all the work I have done’.

They said:
“Your body is #goals!”
“I wish I could be like you! How do you do it?”

I was celebrated for depriving myself, I got in stage in a tiny bikini & won trophies for this “willpower”. 🏆

I was so wrong.

I was starving.

Your body is smart. It KNOWS when you are underfed & overdoing it. You cannot outsmart it, no matter what you do.

For many people, a yearning for food, longing for that next meal & daydreaming about food, is not a sign of a lack of ‘willpower’ or a mindset issue.

It’s your body screaming at you to feed it.

When we are properly fueled, it has a beautiful in flow effect throughout our entire system…& that includes your mind.

Imagine CLARITY about what you actually WANT & NEED to eat.

Imagine FOCUS on life outside of your next meal.

Imagine achieving BALANCE, not because your TOLD you must, but because your body TELLS you itself.

And the only way to get there, is to stop restricting and start nourishing.

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