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What you THINK will fix your body image VS what ACTUALLY fixes body image

Weight loss does not equal a better body image, or more happiness. Before you think going on a diet is the answer….👇🏻👇🏻

In recent studies, body appreciation & gratitude towards the body have been the central organizing variables within how to cultivate positive body image.

🤗Body appreciation has been defined as accepting, holding favorable opinions towards, and respecting the body, while also rejecting media, promoted appearance ideals as the only form of human beauty. (Avalon et al., 2005)

For me, I spent decades dieting and exercising to change my body and make her look a certain way. To be accepted. To be seen as worthy. These last two years I’ve done some deep soul digging to rebuild my identity around fitness to be coming from a place of excitement and joy. ✨✨

Body Neutral Fitness which is shifting the intention behind WHY you workout. 💪🏻 🏋🏻‍♀️

Instead of aesthetics being the main intention, the focus is more on how you want to FEEL, how you want to LIVE and optimizing your lifestyle to get there. Through this we are also cultivating a more positive body image through developing body appreciation.

To be clear-What we do together is not just a diet plan, or a cookie-cutter workout program.

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How to cut calories without starving yourself👇

Your best bet for fat-loss success is to create a modest caloric deficit and make smart food choices so you feel satisfied — not starved. One of the most common mistakes I see is athletes that are under-eating. If they aren’t seeing results, they think it means eat less. Instead of MORE! If you are wondering how much you should be eating for your goals–REACH OUT TO ME!

Cutting a ton of calories at once actually slows the metabolism and can cause the body to not want to let go of the fat stores because it believes to be in a ‘starvation state’.

Plus, it’s hard to maintain a severe caloric deficit, if you aren’t getting the energy needed to function, your body spikes your hunger hormones, causing you to seek food.

This is why fad diets and uneducated diet approaches don’t work. You are underfed and undernourished.

Three Tips for cutting calories without starving:

A lot of today’s grab-n-go convenience foods provide very little to NO nutritional value and a ton of calories. Cut out the Alcohol, candy, soda, junk food and baked goods. Once a month, sure have an indulgence, but daily consumption is not recommended.

“Volume foods” are a saving grace for those folks in a calorie deficit. Veggies like kale, spinach, bok choy, zucchini, cabbage, onions can help you feel full, your plate look full and provide lots of nourishment without the calories.

If you have had a hard time adhering to more complicated diet regimens, research shows that boosting your daily fiber intake may be an effective weight-loss strategy. Foods high in fiber (apples, oats, green beans, cauliflower) tend to be fewer calories for the same volume of food and digest more slowly than low-fiber foods.