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Anti-diet culture is not the same thing as anti-dieting.

Diet culture places value on our weight and size over our health. it promotes messaging that tells us what foods are “good” & what foods are “bad.” it glorifies restriction & willpower and ignores our wellbeing.⁣

Diet culture is supported by a multi-billion dollar industry that pushes weight loss through every medium possible.⁣

Diet culture tells both men & women that they are not small enough, strong enough, or lean enough. ⁣


So, how can one be against diet culture but fine with a diet?⁣

it starts with terminology >>⁣

A DIET merely refers to the foods & drinks we habitually consume. a diet can be a specific, structured way of eating or just our normal daily intake.⁣

The term “DIETING,” is often where the idea of weight loss comes into play. Dieting is (usually) used to describe eating with the purpose of losing weight, which requires a calorie deficit.⁣

>> I am anti-diet culture because i believe that food is not meant to be associated with guilt and shame <<⁣

I am anti-diet culture because i do not believe that reaching a specific weight, shape or size is ever more important than our physical or mental wellbeing. ⁣

However, I do believe that it is ok to want to change your diet.⁣

It is ok to have aesthetic goals, especially when we can learn to work towards them in a healthy & sustainable manner. ⁣

It’s to want to shift from old negative eating patterns and thoughts to new behaviors that leave you fueled and healthy.⁣

I believe that it is ok to want to look & feel your best & addressing your nutrition and relationship with food is often the best way to do so.⁣

Your diet is not bad. restriction, shame, guilt, & obsession are 💥

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Body Appreciate and Gratitude are key in improving body image.

Reframing our thoughts is an important aspect of cultivating our healthiest best lives. ♥️

In recent studies, body appreciation & gratitude towards the body have been the central organizing variables within how to cultivate positive body image.

🤗Body appreciation has been defined as accepting, holding favorable opinions towards, and respecting the body, while also rejecting media, promoted appearance ideals as the only form of human beauty. (Avalon et al., 2005)

Many of us struggle with negative self-talk.⁠

We put ourselves down, criticize ourselves, and beat ourselves up… and some of us do it so much we don’t even realize we’re doing it!⁠

Negative self-talk can become a habit, and it’s an important habit to break because the thoughts and words we say and think shape our reality. 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ ⁠
Thankfully, studies have shown that using neutral or positive affirmations can help us rewire our brains and change our outlook! 🧠⁠


By disrupting these negative thought patterns and reframing them into statements that serve you better. Basically, by being deliberate with your self-talk!⁠

•Body Image 12 (2015) 53-67
•DOI: 10.1.1002/eat.23238

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Why before and after photos can be harmful

Health and Fitness has much more to offer than a side by side photo. Many of the benefits of movement are internal:
•Improves circulation

•Increased strength & endurance

•Enhances tissue oxygenation

•Stimulates lymphatic drainage

•Reduces stress and tension

•Increases bone density

•Enhances mental clarity and memory

•Balance key brain neurotransmitters

❌None of that is fully depicted in a before and after photo.
When looking at a side-by-side of two different bodies, it’s implied that one body type is better than the other. And even if the caption says “it’s not about weight”, it’s easy to subconsciously assume that it still is-especially online, we’re captions are often skimmed or not read in full.

Essentially, we cannot work towards fixing our society‘s obsession with weight while also posting something that is so weight-focused.

What’s problematic behind these images: it suggests an endpoint, where the AFTER is the life and body of their dreams and everything is perfect. That’s not how it works.🚫
There are NO before & after’s. It’s all just during! It’s time to focus on the journey, 🗺 not a false destination! 📍

💡 Other ways to celebrate your transformation:
•Reflecting on your improved mood, energy and confidence

•Sharing a regular video/photo of yourself

•Going out with friends

•Wearing an outfit you feel confident in

•Trying a new fitness class
Whatever journey you may be on, there are many ways to celebrate your newfound appreciation for your body!

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Lack of willpower is actually NOT a thing…

“Lack of willpower” is actually NOT a thing. It’s typically a mindset issue.

Willpower/self-control is like a muscle, it can be trained to grow stronger and it gets fatigued. Under stress in particular, our self control is drastically reduced. Even though it gets “worn out”, we must understand our mindset limitations are a larger contributing factor.

Let’s start with How do you perceive self-control? Do you have it? Do you not? Can you change it? Are you aware of when your self control is compromised? And why? Awareness here is 🔑, then you can begin working backwards. Where is it stemming from? Like my most recent post, you can’t change what you don’t know needs changing.

Maybe where you need to start, is it with more self-control at all… But simply awareness.

1️⃣Begin with awareness, self-monitoring your behaviors to understanding your triggers.

2️⃣Stress reduction can also do wonders! Stress is an energy sucker! When you have less stress, you’ll have more energy available for alllllll the other things! More posts on this to come.

And maybe 🤔 you do need some tough love for more “willpower”, let me ask you this:

Is some discomfort now worth it, if you know it’s only temporary to make progress? How will you benefit from succeeding?

The stronger you are focused on the personal pay off, the more likely you are to follow through with desired behaviors. That’s you flexing your willpower muscle 🙌🏻💯 The deeper your why (the intrinsic drive) the stronger you’ll be!

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What is the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step in changing your behaviors?

Step ☝🏼 in cultivating change is awareness.

Awareness doesn’t equate to change though.

Cultivating self awareness around triggers, emotions, and self-limiting thoughts that lead to our behaviors is a very important part of the process. 🌀

🎯 Over time the target is to self manage the point of trigger before the behavior itself, “head off” our emotional chain reaction that leads to the unwanted behavior.

Awareness is the 🔑 that begins the ability to implement your intentions.

You have goals and desires, now you must bridge the gap to behaviors and actions.

Awareness is part of how you get there 💕

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Discipline without self compassion turns to guilt…

Let’s dive deeper…..

While having discipline is an important aspect of behavior change, YES. But being too rigid, too strict, leaves you with little room for making mistakes, which are inventible. When you do slip up without having any self-compassion, you’ll feel guilt and shame. This down spiral will likely lead to you stopping all together.

Having self compassion can lead to great mindfulness, optimism, higher self-efficacy, and more enjoyment through the process. Too much self compassion, you’ll let yourself slide all the time, and eventually stop.

Too much of either of these, ends up in very little action.

True success is found in the middle!

Do you REALLY need the candida cleanse?

  1. Is #candida overgrowth plaguing the population? 😲 👉🏼👉🏼
    I went to the experts @vitaminphd & @andreahardyrd to bring YOU the facts!🤝

    Candida, or yeast is a fungus that naturally occurs all over our bodies – in our mouths, rectums, vaginas, and on our skin. It’s part of our ‘mycobome’ – (think microbiome but for fungus!)

    While candida can be opportunistic, most of the time it exists in harmony with the rest of our microbes. However, there are practitioners quick to blame ‘candida overgrowth’ in anyone with gut symptoms, fatigue, and weight gain as the culprit. Followed by the prescription of dietary restrictions and a pile of supplements. But what are the facts?

    a spit test or stool test CANNOT diagnose candida – we would expect to find yeast there! Researchers are looking at small bowel cultures to diagnose fungal overgrowth in the gut, but so far, a higher level of yeast hasn’t always correlated with symptoms.

    dietary patterns do not appear to ‘cause’ candida! In fact, one well designed study found no association between refined carbohydrate intake and presence of candida.

    diet cannot ‘treat’ candida! While you might feel better on a diet lower in refined carbs, we need to ask ourselves, did improving diet quality account for symptom improvement?

    candidiasis can occur in the gut – but is typically seen in someone severely immunocompromised – for example undergoing cancer treatments or with HIV. Candidiasis needs to be treated with anti-fungals – not diet!

    many times, there are evidence based explanations for your symptoms – and ones that don’t require crazy restrictive diets. (hello – so many patients get ‘blamed’ for not following dietary protocols strictly enough and that’s why they’re not getting better? A more likely answer is, they didn’t have candida in the first place.)

    Bottom line: fungi makes up a normal part of your guts ecosystem. While it can be opportunistic, there has to be significant compromises to your gut and immune system to make space for yeast to grow. If anyone wants to do a spit or stool test to ‘diagnose’ candida or *gasp* does it based off a constellation of symptoms – you may want to question their approach. #onlinepersonaltrainer #personaltrainer #nutrition #nutritioncoach #cleanse #dietplan #diet #candida #candidadiet #detox #science #trainertips #explorepage #explore #evidencebased

Intuitive Eating or Intentional Nourishment?

Intentional nourishment is one of the most fundamental aspects of my practice.

🙌🏼While listening to our bodies is HUGE, and listening to our feelings is an important part of mental health and healing.

⚠️What if your hunger and fullness cues are off? Most of my clients (and myself) do not always wake up hungry, or have sufficient appetites due to chronic stress & metabolic downregulation, therefore focusing on the MECHANICAL EATING side of things is important.

If you are sick? You still need to eat.
If you are stressed AF? You definitely need to eat.
Just not feeling hungry? You still need to nourish your cells.

⚠️What if we have never been taught to listen and trust our intuition? What if we have never listened or honored our biofeedback before?
What happens in times of weakness or doubt?
What prevents you from reaching out to a quick-fix diet or your old ways again?

⚠️ALL OF THESE questions are why I am not the biggest fan of intuitive eating, yet I believe the book and the principles are ground-breaking for yo-yo dieters and important to understand FOR SURE. 💯

💜Nourishing with intention takes intuitive eating much deeper, it is a fusion of body, brain and feelings. It’s creating and maintaining a balance amongst knowledge, hunger cues, feelings and cravings.

💜Practicing nourishing with intention until you find your balance and can trust your body again.

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The two supplements I recommend to ALL female clients:

There are VERY FEW supplements I recommend these days, but these two are crucial.

Vitamin E works as a powerful antioxidant in the body. ⁣ It has many benefits for hormone health. Because vitamin E is anti-estrogenic, it helps reduce the binding of thyroid hormone. When we have too much estrogen, we bind more thyroid hormone and make it inactive leading to thyroid symptoms. Vitamin E also works closely with selenium to convert T4 to T3. 🤓⁣

Because of this it helps to combat the following:⁣
-excess estrogen⁣
-heart disease⁣
-fertility issues⁣
What I find most fascinating about vitamin E is specifically how it reduces the impact of excess estrogen. Vitamin E acts a lot like progesterone in the body and has several functions that are the opposite of estrogen. ⁣

This is why it’s so helpful for those that struggle with intense PMS/painful/heavy periods.⁣
How do you know if you need vitamin E? ⁣

One big sign is excess clotting during your period, although anyone that deals with PMS, heavy/painful periods, or estrogen dominant symptoms can benefit.⁣

If you have excess estrogen, this also increases your body’s requirement for vitamin E. It’s also depleted by the birth control pill. ⁣

One last thing! Vitamin E can be helpful for sunburn and skin issues. You can use it internally and topically. ⁣
Before you go run out to buy the closest vitamin E supplement, make sure it is made with MCT oil. ⁣

That’s going to be the most absorbable form. Avoid anything with soybean/canola/sunflower/flaxseed oil. Those will be inflammatory since they are not stable at high temps (they won’t preserve the vitamin E).⁣

**PLEASE consult with your doctor before starting this supplement**

BEEF LIVER: For most of human history, we consume the whole animal (nose-to-tail) with deep respect and profound purpose. One part of the modern diet that is missing is organ meats.⠀Muscle meats are comparatively nutrient poor compared to organ meats like liver, heart, & brains.⠀Every traditional society at organ meats, because they pack with nutrients like no other food on earth.⠀Liver, especially that of pasture-raised animals, is nutrient-packed – regardless of the species.

The liver holds & distributes the most powerful nutrients that mammals use.⠀

When light hits the skin, it sets off a cascade to convert a photon to a molecule in the body, that is wrapped in fat, stored in the liver, & delivered all around the body to the DNA.⠀

Does that sound important?⠀
One part of the modern diet that is missing is organ meats.⠀
Muscle meats are comparatively nutrient poor compared to organ meats like liver, heart, & brains.⠀
Every traditional society at organ meats, because they pack with nutrients like no other food on earth.⠀
What Are the Different Types?⠀

The most common types include:⠀
•Liver: nutritional powerhouse of organ meats, beef liver beats nearly everything for nutrients.⠀
• Tongue: more of a muscle. It’s a tender and tasty cut of meat due to its high fat content.⠀
• Heart: The role of the heart is to pump blood around the body. It tastes like fillet steak & is PACKED with COQ10.⠀
• Kidneys: Here we have minerals in perfect balance.⠀
• Brain: Considered a delicacy in many cultures, a concentrate of the building blocks of neurons.⠀

Other factors:⠀
• Iron: contains heme iron, which is highly bioavailable, so it’s better absorbed by the body than non-heme iron from plant foods⠀
• Great source of choline: Organ meats are among the world’s best sources of choline, which is an essential nutrient for the human brain⠀

Liver is an important source of retinol, which is pre-formed vitamin A. Just 3 oz of beef liver contains 26,973 IU of vitamin A, while pork liver & chicken liver contain 15,306 IU and 11,335 IU, respectively. (Vegetable sources do not contain this active form).⠀

Vitamin B-12 which is naturally synthesized in human body is very important resource to generate genetic material, red blood cells (RBC) and neurological health as well.

A 65-70 gram beef liver slice has around 2000% of recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin B-12 and 900% of RDA of Vitamin A for adult females.

Vitamin A is prime source of vision, cell activities and reproductive health.

Riboflavin a protein required for good metabolism and same amount of Beef Liver provides around 200% RDA of Riboflavin for female adults and 185% for males. Riboflavin is also helpful in maintaining healthy skin.

Zinc is a mineral which is necessary for daily body activities like- immunity, cellular metabolism, protein and genetic material generation etc. A 65-70 gram slice of beef liver provides zinc amount- approximately 125% RDA for female adults and 90% RDA for male adults.

Also, Iron is another mineral and everybody is aware of its function in the body. It forms hemoglobin in the red blood cells which carries oxygen to body-cells for breaking down the digested food to produce energy.

While I have been exploring traditional recipes incorporating liver as a whole food, the capsules have been a great way to start!

Note: the nutrients vary depending on the quality of the forage & whether the animals were out on pasture or in confinement. It’s best to source your organs from your local farmer, whose practices you trust.

I am not affiliated with either company: These are the two brands I’m currently using.

Mito-life Vit. E

Beef Liver Caps (1x per week)

What is motivation? and How do we “get” motivated?

MOTIVATION is the driving force behind your actions. It isn’t something you simply have and keep forever, motivation is like campfire that you must keep stoking to benefit from the warmth

🔅SUSTAINABLE motivation comes from an intrinsic source. A place within you where you have self respect and self acceptance. You know the value of health. You believe in the power of your choices, and how they can impact your future. You chose to move your body, to nourishing your body, to prioritize your health, because of those reasons. 💛

🔆Creating motivation is the first step, and having a coach to help manage and maintain that motivation can be a crucial piece of your health and wellness journey 🧩!

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