Intuitive Eating or Intentional Nourishment?

Intentional nourishment is one of the most fundamental aspects of my practice.

🙌🏼While listening to our bodies is HUGE, and listening to our feelings is an important part of mental health and healing.

⚠️What if your hunger and fullness cues are off? Most of my clients (and myself) do not always wake up hungry, or have sufficient appetites due to chronic stress & metabolic downregulation, therefore focusing on the MECHANICAL EATING side of things is important.

If you are sick? You still need to eat.
If you are stressed AF? You definitely need to eat.
Just not feeling hungry? You still need to nourish your cells.

⚠️What if we have never been taught to listen and trust our intuition? What if we have never listened or honored our biofeedback before?
What happens in times of weakness or doubt?
What prevents you from reaching out to a quick-fix diet or your old ways again?

⚠️ALL OF THESE questions are why I am not the biggest fan of intuitive eating, yet I believe the book and the principles are ground-breaking for yo-yo dieters and important to understand FOR SURE. 💯

💜Nourishing with intention takes intuitive eating much deeper, it is a fusion of body, brain and feelings. It’s creating and maintaining a balance amongst knowledge, hunger cues, feelings and cravings.

💜Practicing nourishing with intention until you find your balance and can trust your body again.

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