The two supplements I recommend to ALL female clients:

There are VERY FEW supplements I recommend these days, but these two are crucial.

Vitamin E works as a powerful antioxidant in the body. ⁣ It has many benefits for hormone health. Because vitamin E is anti-estrogenic, it helps reduce the binding of thyroid hormone. When we have too much estrogen, we bind more thyroid hormone and make it inactive leading to thyroid symptoms. Vitamin E also works closely with selenium to convert T4 to T3. 🤓⁣

Because of this it helps to combat the following:⁣
-excess estrogen⁣
-heart disease⁣
-fertility issues⁣
What I find most fascinating about vitamin E is specifically how it reduces the impact of excess estrogen. Vitamin E acts a lot like progesterone in the body and has several functions that are the opposite of estrogen. ⁣

This is why it’s so helpful for those that struggle with intense PMS/painful/heavy periods.⁣
How do you know if you need vitamin E? ⁣

One big sign is excess clotting during your period, although anyone that deals with PMS, heavy/painful periods, or estrogen dominant symptoms can benefit.⁣

If you have excess estrogen, this also increases your body’s requirement for vitamin E. It’s also depleted by the birth control pill. ⁣

One last thing! Vitamin E can be helpful for sunburn and skin issues. You can use it internally and topically. ⁣
Before you go run out to buy the closest vitamin E supplement, make sure it is made with MCT oil. ⁣

That’s going to be the most absorbable form. Avoid anything with soybean/canola/sunflower/flaxseed oil. Those will be inflammatory since they are not stable at high temps (they won’t preserve the vitamin E).⁣

**PLEASE consult with your doctor before starting this supplement**

BEEF LIVER: For most of human history, we consume the whole animal (nose-to-tail) with deep respect and profound purpose. One part of the modern diet that is missing is organ meats.⠀Muscle meats are comparatively nutrient poor compared to organ meats like liver, heart, & brains.⠀Every traditional society at organ meats, because they pack with nutrients like no other food on earth.⠀Liver, especially that of pasture-raised animals, is nutrient-packed – regardless of the species.

The liver holds & distributes the most powerful nutrients that mammals use.⠀

When light hits the skin, it sets off a cascade to convert a photon to a molecule in the body, that is wrapped in fat, stored in the liver, & delivered all around the body to the DNA.⠀

Does that sound important?⠀
One part of the modern diet that is missing is organ meats.⠀
Muscle meats are comparatively nutrient poor compared to organ meats like liver, heart, & brains.⠀
Every traditional society at organ meats, because they pack with nutrients like no other food on earth.⠀
What Are the Different Types?⠀

The most common types include:⠀
•Liver: nutritional powerhouse of organ meats, beef liver beats nearly everything for nutrients.⠀
• Tongue: more of a muscle. It’s a tender and tasty cut of meat due to its high fat content.⠀
• Heart: The role of the heart is to pump blood around the body. It tastes like fillet steak & is PACKED with COQ10.⠀
• Kidneys: Here we have minerals in perfect balance.⠀
• Brain: Considered a delicacy in many cultures, a concentrate of the building blocks of neurons.⠀

Other factors:⠀
• Iron: contains heme iron, which is highly bioavailable, so it’s better absorbed by the body than non-heme iron from plant foods⠀
• Great source of choline: Organ meats are among the world’s best sources of choline, which is an essential nutrient for the human brain⠀

Liver is an important source of retinol, which is pre-formed vitamin A. Just 3 oz of beef liver contains 26,973 IU of vitamin A, while pork liver & chicken liver contain 15,306 IU and 11,335 IU, respectively. (Vegetable sources do not contain this active form).⠀

Vitamin B-12 which is naturally synthesized in human body is very important resource to generate genetic material, red blood cells (RBC) and neurological health as well.

A 65-70 gram beef liver slice has around 2000% of recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin B-12 and 900% of RDA of Vitamin A for adult females.

Vitamin A is prime source of vision, cell activities and reproductive health.

Riboflavin a protein required for good metabolism and same amount of Beef Liver provides around 200% RDA of Riboflavin for female adults and 185% for males. Riboflavin is also helpful in maintaining healthy skin.

Zinc is a mineral which is necessary for daily body activities like- immunity, cellular metabolism, protein and genetic material generation etc. A 65-70 gram slice of beef liver provides zinc amount- approximately 125% RDA for female adults and 90% RDA for male adults.

Also, Iron is another mineral and everybody is aware of its function in the body. It forms hemoglobin in the red blood cells which carries oxygen to body-cells for breaking down the digested food to produce energy.

While I have been exploring traditional recipes incorporating liver as a whole food, the capsules have been a great way to start!

Note: the nutrients vary depending on the quality of the forage & whether the animals were out on pasture or in confinement. It’s best to source your organs from your local farmer, whose practices you trust.

I am not affiliated with either company: These are the two brands I’m currently using.

Mito-life Vit. E

Beef Liver Caps (1x per week)

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