Why the intention of your workout matters:

❔Have you thought about WHY you are engaging in your fitness and nutrition journey? Is it to change your body? Or is it to build strength? To be less winded going up stairs? to Improve sleep? To improve insulin resistance, to release stress etc.

People may start their fitness journey to change their bodies but it’s hard to ever be mentally satisfied with the progress. There is always a little more to lose, or more muscle to gain.

When you start chasing performance goals, celebrating the small victories and personal bests in your lifts, you begin to see day by day, choice by choice, small changes create big results! Exercise, strength training, and movement are about so much more than fat loss!

Recreating the relationship that we have with exercise and why we do it is one of the most important aspects of shifting from disordered and restrictive-driven behaviors & cultivating a happy and lasting lifestyle that is pleasant to keep up.

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