The Biggest Loser Study and the metabolic consequences of extreme dieting

The Biggest Loser study suggests that extreme dieting comes with consequences. Reduce your calories to an extreme and your body will likely fight back. Maybe for years. The severity and duration of your fat loss program can be the main drivers of metabolic adaptation.

🔄You should not diet continuously. Nutritional periodization (diet breaks, maintenance, and reverse diet phases) is an effective mitigation strategy for some of these adaptations.

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Disclaimer: The Biggest Loser is a reality TV show. It’s not a controlled scientific research experiment. In this study, researchers are trying to make sense of what happened after the fact. The participants reported maintaining the Biggest Loser-approved nutrition regimen and exercise level over the six-year period. Yet, self-reported data is statistically unreliable. Enquire 1(1): 75-94 ©The Author, 2008.

Additional longitudinal studies need to be done quantifying the interrelationships between various components of energy expenditure and energy intake to better understand the dynamics of human body weight regulation.

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