Optimizing gut health for reintroducing foods.

Step 1: Remove gut irritating foods.⁣

If you don’t react well to dairy, I’m guessing you have some other GI symptoms as well. ⁣

Giving your digestive system a break can be really helpful. As you embark on this process of gut healing, I recommend experimenting with the following:⁣

-Avoid raw veggies–aim for cooked veggies the majority of the time⁣
-Avoid nuts and seeds (if you do that them, chew thoroughly)⁣
-Avoid inflammatory oils such as soybean/canola/rapeseed/safflower, etc.⁣

This will allow your system to rest a bit and remove foods that could be irritating and leading to further inflammation.⁣

Step 2: Add in gut supportive foods. ⁣

Foods such as bone broth, collagen, gelatin, coconut oil, aloe vera (juice is easy to add to things), eggs, cooked mushrooms.⁣

Step 3: Support digestion.⁣
This can include a mix of supplement and lifestyle changes:⁣
-Eat without distractions.⁣
-Relax at meals. Taking a few deep breaths prior to eating can allow you to digest your food better.⁣
-Consider digestive bitters. I love Urban Moonshine. ⁣
Using bitters prior to meals can help stimulate your own digestive process and allow you to break down your food better.⁣

Step 4: SLOWLY reintroduce.⁣
The biggest mistake I see people make is reintroducing too quickly. You can slowly rebuild lactase by slowly reintroducing dairy. ⁣

Here’s the order I recommend:⁣
-hard cheeses first (lower in lactose)⁣
-goat/sheep’s milk based cheeses⁣
-goat/sheep’s milk based yogurts⁣
-organic, grass fed milk(can start with goat/sheep as well)⁣

No matter where you start, start small.⁣

One small cut of cheese, 1 tbsp of yogurt or milk, etc. Do this daily and slowly increase until you are eating your desired amount. ⁣

Step 5: Test don’t guess. ⁣

Still having issues? Looking deeper at your digestive health can help you uncover a deeper cause to why you cannot properly digest dairy. ⁣

Amanda uses GI map stool testing with clients to see how they are breaking down their food, beneficial bacteria, pathogens/parasites/yeast/overgrowth, and how the immune system is functioning. ⁣

I hope this helps those that have reached out and are wanting to experiment with dairy🥛🧀


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