Is it dairy or your gut?

Is it the dairy though?

While everyone is unique and has their own personal health history, dairy may or may not be for you–that’s for you to decide and experiment with.

Lactose is a disaccharide, which means it contains two smaller types of carbohydrates: glucose and galactose.

Lactase is the enzyme that allows gut to break down lactose properly. The enzyme is produced by cells called enterocytes along the brush border. The brush border is part of the cells that line the intestinal walls.

When we have inflammation in the gut, our microvilli become blunted, enzymes like lactase aren’t produced in adequate amounts.

This can lead to a poor reaction to dairy like digestive issues, bloating, gas, headache/migraine, skin rashes/acne etc.

We can get to the root of our digestive issues and improve the overall health of our gut and try to reintroduce dairy again. I’ll be sharing another post about how to go about doing this!

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