PSA: Motivation is unreliable…

Kicking off the week with #motivationmonday 💥🙌🏻
👇🏻Comment below & share with me how you stay focused in the face of low motivation?

💯 Truth be told, you are not always going to be motivated.

We already do things we might not wannnnnaaaa do often, because the benefits outweigh the cons. I am sure you’re not always motivated to go to work but you still go on those days & get it done- right?! 👊🏼 💥

So, how do we persevere in the face of low motivation?? #milliondollarquestion

Find your intrinsic motivation. You do have it, we just have to uncover it. 🕵🏻

•Who is the person you want to be?
•What does that person’s life look like?
•What do you value?
•What do you prioritize?
•What are your expectations of a healthy lifestyle?
•What outcomes are you expecting?


🤔Taking the time to answer these question can help cultivate the mindset from thinking it’s a CHORE to thinking these actions are a GIFT for yourself.

🤍Nourishing your body and daily movement is a form of self-care… You will experience lifted mood, more energy, and less stress. This can translate into more patient parenting, more production at work, a more loving spouse and general a happier human. 🤍

This is the first part of my series of posts focused on motivation, discipline, self compassion and our goals this week to close down #mentalhealthawarenessmonth!
Stay tuned 🙌🏻


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