Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice has many benefits, especially for gut health, but I think the most incredible thing is the amount of potassium it contains. There is 940mg in 8oz of juice! That’s even more than coconut water, making it an ideal option for optimal hydration. 

​Aloe vera juice is also beneficial for those that struggle with digestive issues. Aloe vera specifically helps to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, which is helpful for acid reflux. It also helps pull water into the colon, which is why it aids in constipation and encourages regular bowel movements.

I get the Lakewood brand at my local Sprouts, but they also sell it at other grocery stores and Amazon! Comment below if you’ve ever tried it or are planning to.

It’s not sweet or particularly tasty on its own, but my favorite way to get my daily dose is in an adrenal cocktail. Just combine 4oz orange juice, 4oz aloe vera juice, and 1/4 tsp sea salt for a boost of vitamin C, potassium, and sodium. It’s delicious, energizing, and hydrating!

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Women’s Health Dietitian

NutritionistAmanda Montalvo, RD, FDN-P

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