What 1800-2200 calories ACTUALLY looks like


I can’t tell you how often I hear this, when onboarding new clients. We discuss the process of finding their true maintenance calories, and working towards a baseline of 1800-2200 calories per day. (Or more!!!!)

Most women come to me undernourished & over stressed. Many have been attempting a calorie deficit (and typically over-exercising) for 90% of their “fitness journey” meaning that their bodies are in a stressed out, down-regulated state. They are often skipping breakfast, or working through lunch, and then find themselves having an evening melt down followed up by a free frawl of whatever they can eat the easiest and quickest.

Intentional nourishment is one of the most fundamental aspects of my practice.

🤷🏻‍♀️How to get started?⁠👇🏻

🥭Nourish our bodies vs. restrict from our bodies⁠

🥭Provide enough calories from a balance of protein, carbs and fat⁠

🥭Take deep breaths⁠

🥭Be patient, focus on metabolic health > weight loss.

🥭Make stress reduction and down time (doing “nothing”) a priority⁠

🥭Eat frequently & consistently⁠

🥭Prioritize sleep⁠

🥭Increase daily movement (NEAT) 🔥

**These are estimations and suggested ideas only!
I made this by calculating foods & brands I use often in my fitness pal!

💞In my coaching program, we spend our time optimizing your metabolism, building muscle, and living your life, so that IF the time does come to enter a fat loss phase, it will be an easier & HEALTHIER progress!
💞Link for coaching in bio!


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