5 Fundamentals of Eating for a healthy Metabolism

All the awesome tidbits of info, health tips and hacks can feel overwhelming if we don’t have the core fundamentals down.

And eating for cellular health really shouldn’t be complicated- so I created this blog to help you focus on the core 5 fundamentals of supporting your metabolic function.

5 Fundamentals of Eating for a Healthy Metabolism:

1️. Ditch Poor Quality Fats aka Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs)these “winter” fats translate to the body: slow down, cool down and prepare to conserve. This is why bears and squirrels load up on nuts and fatty fish before hibernation. If we want to be a 98.6 degree, high functioning human, we need to eat fats that align with this- aka saturated and full of fat soluble vitamins.⁠⁠ ⁠

2. Eat Bioavailable Animal Proteins: Amino acids are the building block of our tissues: gut, skin, liver, organs, etc. need a wide variety of amino acids to function optimally. Plant proteins are very hard to digest, absorb and assimilate, which is why we don’t rely upon them during a time of healing. We want to provide an variety of easy to digest “building blocks”. Focus on eggs, high quality dairy, grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, wild fish and shellfish, bone broth, collagen and gelatin.

3️. Eat Easy to Digest Carbs: Where amino acids provide structure, carbs provide glucose aka ENERGY. We need both to function optimally. Specifically the brain and nervous system, which will flood over into our endocrine system. When the body doesn’t have enough glucose, this IS a stressor and the body reacts accordingly. ⁠Make sure to get plenty of high quality dairy, fruits, root vegetables, squashes, raw honey & maple syrup.

4️. Get As Many Nutrients from Food As Possible: Instead of focusing on all the foods to restrict, we need to focus on getting all the raw materials our body needs to function. This is when we start to value nutrient dense foods like fruits and organ meats and rich broths and shellfish and raw cream. Fat soluble vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are needed in abundance.⁠

5. Be Mindful of Digestibility Always: This goes with the point above. It doesn’t matter if a food has all the nutrients in the world, if there are bunch of anti-nutrients that bind to minerals and proteins in the gut and prevent you from digesting and absorbing them, the food may be causing more burden than benefit. You are not a cow, nor do you have 3 stomachs to digest like a cow. Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Grains & Leaves should be sprouted, cooked, soaked or prepared in a way that allows us to receive benefit from them.⁠ Keep in mind, food is simply information and tells our body about its environment- then, the body acts accordingly.⁠ If we want our body acting in a certain way, we eat and live a certain way.

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