Raw Carrot Salad

Raw carrots are extremely good at improving digestion. A carrot grows underground and therefore produces anti-microbial and anti-fungal substances that protect it from its environment. Therefore, when raw carrots are eaten, they have the ability to clean the intestines from bad bacteria and fungus.  

The fiber of the carrots also binds and carries out other toxins from the body.

Just eating 1-2 raw carrots per day has a beneficial effect on digestion, which improves overall health as digestion is closely connected to the body’s overall health status.


  • 1. A big carrot shredded lengthwise
  • 2. Coconut oil or MCT oil
  • 3. Apple cider vinegar
  • 4. Salt (garlic optional)

You see, Dr. Peat is a VERY smart biologist who has devoted his life to studying physiology. He suffered with debilitating migraine headaches, but realized that eating a raw carrot salad once or twice daily and keeping adequate sugar (aka carbohydrate) in the diet made his migraines go away.

This seems to be one of the many observations that led him to study the effects of estrogen accumulation (not just dominance or excess) due to low progesterone, low thyroid/metabolic rate and high stress hormones.

He seemed to have found a correlation between estrogen, serotonin and his migraines and noticed how the raw carrot fiber bound to estrogen and carried it out of the body safely and effectively.

The addition of 1/2 tbsp. coconut oil, splash of white vinegar and salt, which are all antiseptic agents, has an even further effect on reducing bacteria in the digestive tract and lowering endotoxin (also known as LPS or lipopolysaccharides).

Many woman who incorporate this daily have seen a reduction in their

🥕 Gut Issues

🥕 Dairy Intolerance

🥕 Endometriosis Pain

🥕 Rashes and Acne

🥕 PMS symptoms

🥕 Headaches & Migraines

🥕 Anxiety & Depression

Eating is consistently/daily is ideal for best results.

Some people with sever hypothyroidism (whether it shows up on a test or not), may have a hard time converting the beta carotene in the carrot to usable Vitamin A (retinol). This shows up by turning the calluses orange or sometimes even hands and feet. Usually this can be remedied by rinsing your carrot after it’s shredded to wash excess beta carotene off. Or find the rainbow carrots, and use the purple and white ones.

Resources: https://www.functionalps.com/blog/2012/09/28/ray-peat-phd-on-the-benefits-of-the-raw-carrot/

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