What cravings really mean….

▫️Cravings are how the body meets and communicates its nutrient needs.⁠

▫️The body is causing our brain to become obsessed or consumed with the need, until we seek it out, find it and meet that need.⁠

▫️Does this mean we indulge in every craving or whim? Not necessarily.⁠
But it’s in our best interests to listen.⁠👂

🧂 Salty⁠
⁠Do we need high quality sodium? Our adrenals burn through sodium when we are stressed, fasting, eating low carb, are pregnant and breastfeeding. High quality sea salt is a great place to start.⁠

🍞 Refined Breads & Baked Goods⁠
⁠Do we need more carbs? Fruits, roots, fruit juices, squashes, soaked/sprouted grains, etc.?⁠

🍰Sugary Sweets⁠
Are we providing our body with the above? Allowing honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar into the diet?⁠

💦Always Thirsty⁠
⁠If we drink plenty of water and it doesn’t quench our thirst, we should check in on if we’re getting enough minerals! Broths, coconut water, juices and milk are amazing sources of electrolytes.⁠

🍟Fatty Foods/Fried Foods⁠
⁠Are we eating high quality saturated fats? Full-fat Dairy, ghee, butter, tallow, coconut oil, high quality olive oil, etc.⁠

🍴Acidic: Vinegar or Sour⁠
How’s our stomach acid and digestion? Sometimes cravings for acidic/vinegary things can be a sign our digestion needs work⁠. Try incorporating a pre-meal ritual including breathwork and relaxation techniques, + gelatin snacks with your meals, or digestive bitters 15 min before eating.

🍩Junk Food⁠
⁠Sometimes our body just needs MORE. More energy, more calories. And sometimes, when it’s only gotten an energy rich diet through junk, it craves junk. Usually eating enough and paying attention to all the above helps with this.⁠

🙏Thank you to Jessica Ash Wellness for all she taught me in her Fully Nourished program! I am no longer struggling with cravings or binging.

🤍Listening to our bodies is huge! Intuition relies on feelings, what do I feel like? Practicing nourishing with intention goes a little bit deeper… What does my body need? What am I craving? What sounds good? It’s a fusion between body, brain and feelings all being met. 🧭

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