Stopping Self Destructive Behavior- Visualize your day of Success!

Listening to this amazing podcast with Dr. Glenn Livingston about Self-destructive behavior and I wanted to share this information with you.  

As a Health and Wellness practitioner I am consistently analyzing clients and my own behavior in regards to self sabotage. The power of the MIND and its capability to achieve great tasks and how its influenced by emotional state is becoming more and more of an explored topic.

What would you consider a healthy start to your day? What would that be? Walk yourself through your day. Bit by bit. When are you working? How are you working? Who are you working with? What are you working on? How are you protecting yourself from interruptions? What are your accomplishments? What was the environment like when you accomplished your tasks? Picture colors around you, smells, feelings. What was dinner like? What are your evening activities like? What is your sleep routine like? How to you wind down? How do you create ease and quite the mind from the day?

As you map this out, you can see the structure needed to create and facilitate your ideal days. Write this down in crystal clear detail. You can now begin to write down rules that will build your habits to support your ideal day of success. The mind needs targets to work towards.  Start to implement them one by one.

“I will always journal the first 10 min after I wake up”

“I will start my day with a healthy protein smoothie.”

What happens if you slip up and make a mistake on your “perfect day”? 

Refuse to yell at yourself when you mess up. Focus on the present moment and move forward. Watch your terminology around starting something new and sticking to a program. “I try” means I’ll do it until I don’t feel like it any more. “I will” The essence of a vow=to be 100% committed, even though we are not 100% perfect.

“I always use the present moment to be healthy”

We go to the gym and understand there is a purpose to feel the physical pain. To grow muscles, improve cardiovascular health.

The purpose of mental pain-shame and guilt- to alert you to a problem in the environment. You don’t want to get involved with the negative emotions, once you know about it- the awareness is 80% of the change, let it go.







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