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A carrot a day keeps estrogen at bay. Well, it helps 😝

Well, it helps 😝But let’s talk about estrogen dominance, because it is painfully common in today’s women. Because of the toxic world we live in, the processed food we’re surrounded with, the stress we’re consumed by, the amount of soy + PUFAS we’re consuming, the low protein diets we’re prioritizing ALL contribute to what we call estrogen dominance (too much estrogen, especially in relation to progesterone + testosterone).

Now, let me preface by saying I’m not a hormone expert, I’m just a girl who is on the road to balancing her own (still bringing down my own estrogen but my progesterone has gone from low to amazing!).What can too much estrogen manifest as?

•low libido or CRAZY high libido (see our Freely Rooted podcast episode on this)

•thyroid disorders

•painful or irregular cycles

•mood swings, depression, anxiety

•headaches + migraines (especially cyclical)

•acne + gut issues

•breast tenderness

•weight gain(And so much more)

What we need to understand about estrogen dominance is that we HAVE to support progesterone, not *just* focus on how to get “rid of” excess estrogen. And you want to know the best way to do both of those things? *drumroll please*


When you shift your diet to being mineral-focused, adding bio-available nutrients from things like well-sourced animal protein + quality carbohydrates + saturated fats your body’s hormone balancing ability will SHOCK you. The foundations of both increasing progesterone and lowering estrogen have a whole lot in common (and I formulated the meal plans with all of these principles in mind! Check out my reviews highlight for lots of stories from woman who went from painful periods, etc., to thriving).If we have thyroid issues, cycle issues, autoimmune issues – we HAVE to be mindful of hormone-supporting activity. I’ve been blown away at how my own have moved toward balance over the last year (and check out my healing crisis highlight if you are pursuing prometabolic eating and not feeling quite so balanced yet).

It’s amazing what a full year of raw dairy, ⬆️ carbs, ⬇️ raw veggies +⬇️ nuts and seeds did for my hormones!

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