Weight Loss Resistance & Reverse Dieting Podcast Episode is out!

I’m honored to be a guest on the ‘The Less Stressed Life Podcast’ this week!

We talk about periodized nutrition which includes the concept of reverse dieting and the psychological and physiological side of this and why it’s so important.
Each one of us has a different metabolic identity, depending on past and current behaviors, without proper context and nuance to your own individual situation to apply the concepts of ‘pro-metabolic’, it’s easy to end up doing too much too fast, entering into a “reverse diet” without actually intending to. There are factors that MUST be considered before increasing calories in a reverse diet.

In short, if you have a history of restrictive eating and/or a compromised digestive system and low metabolic rate, this will cause unwanted weight gain.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Read the Blog post here.

Click to listen on your fav app! 👂🏽 🔊

•What is periodized nutrition?
•What is reverse dieting and who is it for?
•Disguising food relationship issues with nutrition and fitness
•Red flags that you have disordered eating
•You’ve got to earn the right to diet!
•The importance of a maintenance phase
•Metabolic and hormonal adaptations of chronic dieting
•How body appreciation and gratitude are core elements of improving body image, not weight loss.


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