Diets vs Pro-metabolic Nutrition

Throughout my career, I’ve seen clients who have tried it all.  Weight Watchers, Fad diets, yo-yo diets resulting in irrational fears around foods, and not learning much in the process.

In the pro-metabolic community, we eat to nourish our bodies. By prioritizing your health as a means of losing weight, because a body in balance can do amazing things.  
When on-boarding new clients, a lot say:

•”What foods should I avoid? Is this food ok?”

•”I’ll do whatever you say, I’m so frustrated with how I look in the mirror” 

I get it, we all seek certainty & clarity. “Tell me the rules, I’ll be good and follow! Sell me that product- I’ll do anything BUT trust in my self and the process so I can put the work in.” 

You see, this is why diet culture fails you, These diets/approaches including harsh rules. restriction, avoiding certain foods . Not how to support and to nourish YOUR body.

Pro-metabolic community flipped my world upside down. Rather than excluding foods, it’s all about inclusion, nose-to-tail animal consumption, broths, more nutrient-dense sugars, and eating saturated fats – foods that have either been neglected or demonized by mainstream health and fitness. 

These foods have more bioavailable nutrients. They are easier to digest. And they don’t contain anti-nutrients that inhibit the processes within the body. This is how to support your metabolism. (Your metabolism is all the chemical processes that occur within your body.) And these foods enable all these processes to happen easier with less inflammation and fewer issues. They improve pulses, body temperature and biofeedback like digestion, sleep, stress, energy, mood, etc. This means your body is functioning in the best way possible 


An emphasis is placed on grass-fed, humane certified protein sources, root veggies, quality dairy, ripe fruits, and all-natural sweeteners (like raw honey).  Please, do what you can afford.

You are eating to nourish. Providing for your body out of self-respect. Pro-metabolic eating may combat the reason you may be experiencing the binge-restrict cycle. When your body gets what it needs, you don’t experience cravings anymore. 

 When working with clients, they create their own nutrition plans based on my guidance and week to week We adjust it, to improve their symptoms, ultimately to reach their goals and find their OPTIMAL – that will look different for everyone. This is why education, monitoring biofeedback and intentionally nourishing our bodies are game changer. 

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