Why you don’t need to detox, cleanse or a reset:

🙅🏻‍♀️No detox, cleanse or reset needed

It’s likely your metabolic function that should addressed, consistency and patience that will bring about healing—Not a restrictive dietary protocol.

🔥 What is our metabolism?⁠

🔹Simply put, it is how well our cells use energy to do the jobs they are supposed to do.⁠

🔹The metabolism is the rate at which we convert calories and oxygen into energy AND how efficiently and effectively we use that fuel.⁠

🔹It doesn’t just affect how we gain and lose weight, it also affects how we function down to the cells themselves.⁠

🔹And every part of our body is made up of… CELLS.⁠

🔹And since hormones are made BY cells FOR cells (simply cellular messengers), it affects both our hormonal output and how we receive and respond to hormones.⁠

🔹Our metabolism affects:⁠

〰️ Detoxification (liver, skin, kidneys, etc.)⁠

〰️ Digestion⁠

〰️ Thyroid⁠

〰️ Adrenals⁠

〰️ Pancreas (enzymes & insulin)⁠

〰️ Menstrual Cycle/Reproduction⁠

〰️ Insulin Sensitivity⁠

〰️ Inflammation⁠

〰️ Immune System⁠

🔹This is why focusing on detox diets, cleanse protocols and thinking you need to “reset, is what suppress symptoms like weight gain or autoimmunity. It is a bandaid that often makes metabolic function worse in the long run.⁠

🔹This is why so many people share that symptoms go away for a while and then come back worse than before.⁠

🔹Heal your metabolism, heal your whole self.⁠

🔹Many factors affect our metabolism including our nutrition, the frequency of our nutrition, our mental state/emotions, our breathing, our nervous system, our movement, our environment, etc.⁠

How do we get started?⁠

🍑Nourish our bodies vs. restrict from our bodies⁠

🍑Provide enough calories from a balance of protein, carbs and fat⁠

🍑Take deep breaths⁠

🍑 Be patient, focus on metabolic health > weight loss.

🍑Make stress reduction and down time (doing “nothing”) a priority⁠

🍑Eat frequently & consistently⁠

🍑Prioritize sleep⁠

🍑 Increase daily movement (NEAT)

TLTR: you need a coach before a supplement. Stop Swinging the pendulum, reaching for these quick fixes and start living a lifestyle that’s balanced 🙌🏼

🗣 Link in bio for coaching

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