Let’s talk about STRESS!

First what is stress? Anything that causes the body to STRAIN and use extra fuel resources while pulling those things from being used in important daily body functions.

When talking about stress in our lives, I like to think of it in these three categories. Bad stress (that is avoidable), bad stress (that is Unavoidable) and good stress which means providing something in exchange.

All stress is strain on the body, and all types of stress can break the body down.

The body can only handle a set amount of stress at one time, think about this as a stress bucket. Throughout the day-to-day you have unnecessary expectations on yourself, endless negative self talk, trippin’ over what a co-worker thinks of you, while you’re planning your wedding. And now you’re sick with a cold! That’s the body responding to the stress bucket being full.

Even if the new stress is in the good category, if the body is not resilient to stress due to lack of nutrients, lack of adequate rest, management and recovery–it will cause negative impacts on your health.

There are ways to manage the stress you feel and prevent it from growing and affecting your health. Here is some advice for more effective stress management:

-Recognize the events that cause stress. Be attentive to symptoms of stress and note the types of events that affect you most.
-Find out what the problem is exactly – this makes it easier to deal with it.
-Speak about your problems to people you trust. By expressing your feelings, you reduce the stress you feel.
-Speak with a professional if you need to do so.
-Learn about stress-management techniques, walk in nature, breathwork, yoga, hula-hooping, cuddles with pets, etc.
-Reduce tension through physical exercise.
-Don’t be too hard on yourself.
-Prioritize a consistent bedtime routine.

Stress management is a massive aspect of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You cannot supplement away stress, sorry. All the herbs in the world, can’t do internal work for you. You got this. You are capable. You are amazing. I believe in you.


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