Runners-Don’t fear carbs!

Runners, Don’t Be Afraid of High Carbs!!
For endurance athletes, carbohydrate is the main fuel source and continues to be used by the best in the world for better performance.

Studies in endurance cycling and running have repeatedly demonstrated that carbohydrate feeding during exercise can provide extra fuel and enhance performance.

Recommendations generally state that for exercise that lasts two to three hours, carb intake should be around 60 grams per hour. For exercise lasting over two and half hours, athletes are recommended up to 90 grams per hour.

In a recent study from our nutrition company the researchers found that the runners who took the carb gels were on average of 4.7 percent faster than those who ran with a self-selected intake and consumed significantly less carbohydrate. This was equated to about an 11-minute difference—which as any marathon runner knows is a big improvement!



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