My top 3 willpower tips!


According to the American Psychological Association- American’s name “lack of willpower” as the #1 reason they struggle to meet their goals.
Many feel guilty about letting themselves and others down, others, feel at the mercy of their thoughts, emotions and cravings.

Here are my top 3 #willpower tips:

1.Everyone struggles with in some way temptation, addiction, distraction and procrastination. These are not individual weakness, these are universal experiences and part of the human condition. Practicing self compassion and acceptance will help you break the self sabotage cycle and allow for you to take your moments of weakness and turn them into strategies for success.

2. Before you can change something, you need to see it for how it actually is. Example: When are you most likely to give into temptation? How does hunger influence your spending? How do you talk to yourself about your willpower challenges? How do you judge your own willpower failures and successes?

3. Choose your willpower challenge. Let’s pick the #1 challenge you want to focus on this week. Comment your answers below!

“I WILL” power challenge- what is something you want to do more of? or stop putting off?

“I WON’T” power challenge-What is the stickiest habit in your life? What would you like to give up or do less of because its undermining your health or success?

“I WANT” power challenge-What is the most important long term goal you’d like to focus your energy on? What immediate want is most likely to tempt or distract you from this goal?


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